Drug Information

Find answers when you need them

Drug information at your fingertips

One click to access drug monographs

A single click opens the drug monograph for the selected drug.

Easily find the information you’re looking for and get back to prescribing in seconds flat.

Extensive information
and tools

Find sections on pediatric, adult, and geriatric dosages
Explore indications and find therapeutic alternatives
Check usual sigs, therapeutic guides, and practice guidelines
Understand precautions for breastfeeding, pregnancy, and other special considerations
Review common adverse effects and check for new advisories from Health Canada
Access pharmacokinetics information to answer questions about onset, duration, and peak effect
Compare drug pricing estimates among therapeutic alternatives
Use antibiotic therapy guides and professional calculators
And much more!

Printable resources for patients

Easily print resources for patients to help them understand their medications, including potential side effects, storage information, and instructions for use of the medication.

Updated in real time

A team of over 15 Canadian pharmacists from Vigilance Santé comb through journals, books, bulletins, advisories, and communiqués daily to keep information up-to-date.

Updates are immediately available to LibreMD users when they access monographs and drug information.

Calculation tools for prescribing

Make use of calculation tools when prescribing, including dosage-by-weight calculators, dosage-to-volume conversions, and a variety of medication-specific calculators.

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