Intelligent Notes & Letters

Prescribe and order from your clinical note

Use prescription favourites, forms, and many other smart actions while typing in your clinical note.

Spend less time entering information

Simple tools that make documentation faster

Dictate with Google Speech

Dictate clinical notes and letters in less time with fewer mistakes.

Experience a new level of accuracy with speech recognition from Google Speech.

Chart in less time

Access the information you need with patient infotags.

Insert pre-built paragraphs and logical structures with macros.

Automatically insert photos into notes

Using a smart phone or tablet, photos can be automatically inserted into chart notes. No cords or cumbersome process required.

The photo is uploaded from the device wirelessly and instantly when the photo is taken and is never saved on the device.

Multitask with multiple documents

Review past documents while creating a new note.

Edit multiple notes, forms, or letters simultaneously, either side-by-side, or with some minimized.

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