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Go-Live Process

We support you every step of the way.

Your dedicated transition team

During your transition, you will work with two main points of contact:
Go-Live Project Manager (GPM)
Your GPM will work with you in-person to train doctors and staff, tailor a transition plan, and improve clinic workflows.

Your GPM will support you in-person during go-live and will stay until you are comfortable with the new software.

After go-live, your GPM may still drop by to check on things and make sure everything is working smoothly.
Account Manager (AM)
Your AM will work with you remotely throughout your go-live and will continue to be your main point of contact and support after go-live.

Your AM will understand your practice and all the considerations of your go-live, for whenever you need support and assistance in the future.
Other Team Members
Your team also includes a Clinical Data Specialist, a Billing Specialist, and as many extra hands as are necessary to make the transition smooth and easy. We’ve got you covered.

Help us understand your workflows

Your Go-Live Project Manager (GPM) will complete hardware and network assessments at the clinic, as well as meet with staff and doctors to begin building the transition plan.

Your Account Manager (AM) will complete workflow assessments with staff to understand your clinic’s processes and will load necessary data, forms, and more into LibreMD.

Sign off on your transition plan

Your Go-Live Project Manager (GPM) and Account Manager (AM) will jointly build a plan to enable the smoothest transition possible, including considerations for data transfer, staff and physician training, and more.

You and your peers will review this plan, make any changes you feel are necessary, and sign off on a tentative transition date.

Review your test data import

Before your go-live, a data import will be completed in a test environment, where you can review and approve the results.

Having confidence in your data on day one is critical. With LibreMD, we make sure that confidence is there.

Receive in-person training

Your Go-Live Project Manager (GPM) will work with you in-person to provide training and help you to set up your favourites and preferences.

They will spend the time to give you all the help, support, and love you need to have a successful go-live.

Plus, if you ask them to bring cookies to training, they’ll probably do it.

Start using LibreMD

On the morning of go-live, your Go-Live Project Manager (GPM) will be there in-person to support you. They will stay and continue to provide support as long as you need it.

Your Account Manager (AM) and other members of our team will be standing by remotely, able to connect to any computer in the clinic and provide direct support.

At larger clinics, additional LibreMD team members will be on-site to ensure a smooth transition.

You will continue to receive this intensive level of support—in-person with your GPM and remotely with your AM and team—until you are totally comfortable.
Ongoing Support
This process is only the start of your relationship with your AM and the rest of the LibreMD team.

We are committed to being with you every step of the way. That means continual improvements based on your feedback, reliable software you can count on, and fantastic support when you need it.

Welcome aboard.

Transitions are our specialty

Switching is easier than you think.

Move your data with confidence

We take data seriously. Your data is critical to your ability to provide care to your patients. That’s why at LibreMD, we strive to make data migrations as thorough and accurate as possible.

Our Clinical Data Team works to convert every available piece of information—not just charts and appointments, but every available component of clinical and administrative history.

Furthermore, to assure confidence in your data transfer, you will be able to review and approve a test data import in the weeks before your transition.

This and much more is how we at LibreMD work to ensure that data is one part of the transition process you don’t have to be concerned about.

Learn LibreMD with on-site training

New users are often concerned that learning new software will be difficult and time-consuming. However, we have proven through many successful implementations—some as large as 300 new users—that the right trainers and the right techniques can make this process simple and manageable.

All of our training is done on-site, in-person, and in small groups (or even one-on-one) with experienced and knowledgeable trainers.

Our training is not just a one-size-fits-all presentation. It is a specialized discussion about the workflows and tools that you need to run your practice. Additionally, we not only teach you how to use the software, but how to optimize it for your needs, so you’re efficient from day one.

Additional resources, including training videos, practice environments and more, are available to all new users, helping you to continue building comfort in the software even after your session is complete.

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